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How long does it usually take to receive a delivery?

Depending on what you have ordered, on local deliveries, we often can get materials to your site within a day or two. If we are supplying your entire project, we'll get you what you need when you need it - period.

Do you offer accounts to builders?

Absolutely. We have offered a variety of account types and terms to builders.

Can Maley & Wertz compete with warehouse stores?

We not only compete with them, we beat them in quality and price every day - guaranteed! In fact, if you find equal quality at a lower price at any competitor, we will double the price difference in a refund to you. That's how confident we are. We routinely save customers 10% or more on quotes they've received from warehouse stores, and give them better quality as well!

What is the difference between WHND soft maple and WHAD soft maple?

WHND soft maple is commonly called ND maple, or "Wormy Maple." ND maple may have small piths or holes that do not affect the strength or integrity of the wood. Because of its unique grey streaks and flags, ND maple has become popular for hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, paneling and other applications. WHAD soft maple (or AD Maple) does not have any piths or holes in its clear cuttings.

What is S2S?

S2S means Surface Two Sides. Our planer has cutter-heads above and below the board, so we surface both sides to a specified thickness in one pass.

What is SLR1E?

SLR1E means Straight Line Rip One Edge. This is when you straighten one rough edge of a board. Smaller shops tend to use a joiner and larger mills such as Maley & Wertz use a Straight Line Rip Saw. A laser line shows the operator the path of the saw blade and a chain feed pulls the board straight through the cut so no guide (fence) is needed. This is a very efficient and fast way of establishing a straight, square edge on lumber.

What is S4S?

S4S means Surfaced Four Sides. It refers to standard dimensioned lumber such as 1x4, 2x6 and so on. S4S is always produced in a moulder so all surface faces and edges are very smooth.

Does Maley & Wertz offer the ability to surface lumber to a specific thickness and straight line rip?

Yes, we are able to provide surfacing and ripping to customers' specifications.

Does Maley & Wertz offer S4S and sorted to width lumber?

Yes. Please contact your Maley & Wertz sales representative to discuss your needs. 812-425-3358

What moisture content will Maley & Wertz allow?

Based on NHLA rules, Maley & Wertz dries lumber to a moisture content of 6% to 8% before it is shipped.

Is there a minimum volume a customer can purchase from Maley & Wertz?

Maley & Wertz tries to accommodate special or unusual orders whenever possible. If you need a small order or have a special request, contact a member of our sales team at 812-425-3358.

Can you mix species on a load?

Yes, Maley & Wertz can mix various species and thicknesses on a load.