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"At Paoli we pride ourselves on cultivating and nurturing business relationships and on producing fine wood and upholstered furniture for office, commercial and healthcare customers. Our customers know they can count on us to deliver lasting beauty and value. We know Maley & Wertz's business philosophy is also customer-driven, and we can depend on them to deliver the premium hardwood lumber we need, as we need it, to meet our customers' expectations for on-time delivery of high quality furniture."

Jeff Trueblood, Purchasing Manager
Paoli Furniture, Orleans, IN

"Karges has been producing heirloom-quality furniture since 1886. We know we can count on Maley & Wertz to deliver the finest hardwoods in varieties that complement our furniture designs and the smaller quantities that suit our hand-crafted manufacturing processes."

Joan Karges, President/CEO
Karges Furniture, Evansville, IN

"John Boos & Company has been manufacturing wood butcher blocks and cutting boards since 1887. Our BoosBlock® Cutting Boards are used by professional chefs throughout the U.S. and have been awarded the Gold Medal Award by Chefs of America. Our products are premium hardwood, and Maley & Wertz is our consistent source for the maple, walnut, and other woods that become our fine butcher blocks, cutting boards and counter tops."

Joseph Emmerich, President
John Boos & Company, Effingham, IL

"As a leading producer of casual and contemporary furniture, Thornwood Furniture is dedicated to the best in product integrity, design, and value. Much of the appeal of our master bedroom, youth bedroom, home theater and home office furniture is derived from the quality of the lumber in our pieces. And the value to the customer hinges on our ability to acquire the materials at competitive prices and in the time frame needed to keep our manufacturing processes flowing smoothly. Maley & Wertz ships lumber to us by railcar to arrive as we need it. And we know the quality of the lumber will be consistent throughout the load."

Craig Thorn, President
Thornwood Furniture, Phoenix, AZ

"Glenmere Timber Company Ltd. has been importing quality hardwoods for over thirty years. From our sites in the United Kingdom, we make daily deliveries to many different types of hardwood consumers, nationwide and overseas. Maley & Wertz has been a most dependable supplier of a variety of quality American hardwoods, and they ship to us via overseas container so we have the stock we require readily available for our customers."

Kevin Robinson, President
Glenmere Timber Company Ltd., Leicestershire, U.K.